Fjord’s Wooly® Baggywrinkle (US Pat.) is ideal for preventing sail chafe on shrouds and stays.  Its unique attachment mechanism does not require any tie-line attachments to the shroud or stay.  Easy to attach and remove and, once in place, it will not slip out of position.  The Wooly® Baggywrinkle is also ideal for preventing chafe of awnings and dodgers where stays exit through them.

The Wooly® Baggwrinkle is made from high-quality New Zealand sheep wool.  It is manufactured in two standard lengths and packaged for sale as a single unit. The Wooly® Baggywrinkle will fit shroud/stay up to 3/8″ in diameter and they are diameter downward compatible.  Custom units are also available for larger diameter shrouds and stays and longer lengths.

Our Baggywrinkles are ideal for cruising boats where sail chafe is a significant problem as well as its use on stays exiting through dodgers and awnings.  Because of its short nap it is also ideal for use on high-performance sailboat where reduced windage aloft must be considered.

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Standard Lengths

Model # Description Dimension
04 Series - 18" Length       Up to 3/8" Stay/Shroud Diameter
PURCHASESingle White4" W x 18″ L
04 Series - 30" Length       Up to 3/8" Stay/Shroud Diameter
PURCHASESingle White4" W x 30″ L