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Chafe-Pro® removable chafe gear is a cost effective means for preventing chafe abrasion to synthetic lines. Click here to read more about our product!

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Chafe-Pro® Products

          Protect your investment™
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Chafe-Pro Protects

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Who Uses Chafe-Pro?

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"Dock Lines are expensive...extending their life with Chafe-Pro® removable chafe gear is not."

We offer the perfect solution to prevent unwanted chafing to your vessel's lines.

Who Uses Chafe-Pro

US Government
Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Military Sealift Command, NOAA, MARAD, Marine Police
Foreign Government
Military & Civilian Sectors
Offshore & Inshore Towing Industry, Ship-Assist & Ship-Tow Operations, Ferry Companies (Domestic & Foreign), Casino Boats, Luxury Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Personal Watercraft, Rock & Mountain Climbers, High-rise Window Washers

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Thor Guard® (US Pat. 9,010,265)

Thor Guard® is a one-piece unit that encloses both the splice and the eye of the line.  It offers a  continuous layer of abrasion resistant material  without a break in protection at the transition from the eye to the splice.

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Chafe-Pro® WOOLY®

Chafe-Pro Wooly is designed to prevent fender and dock lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts.

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